John Rusch

I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin: Stevens Point, where I recieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and Web & Digital Media Development. I currently work at Advicent Solutions, where I have developed my skills as a Front End Developer, spearheading new efforts to put a focus on User Experience with our products.

My passions are in web design and graphic design, and I am familiar with many tools and techniques such as:

My skills put me ahead of other professionals in my field, because I can back up my designs with the technical knowledge to make them function. I'm quite adept at problem solving, and relish the chance to learn something new for a project.

One of my specialties is translating identities for digital media, and designing for multiple devices. One of the latest design trends is Responsive Design, and I have already completed multiple projects that utilize responsive code (see Knitwise Yarns in my portfolio page).

What can I do for your web presence?